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Useful Site

Useful websites for overseas marketing are as follows.
Suppliers can find various information, including trade laws and regulations, relevant forms, taxation, import/export procedures, and trade-related insurance on the websites.

The Korea International Trade Association: KITA
This website is a KITA-run comprehensive portal designed to provide trade-related information: overseas business/trade, market trends, foreign exchange rates, regulations on trade/imports, overseas marketing information, trade-related statistics, trade-related forms, etc.
In addition, when businesses face difficulties or have questions, they may receive consulting services and related information by requesting services.
Korea Trade Insurance Corporation: K-Sure
This government-sponsored K-Sure-run website provides information about export/import-related insurance policies.
K-Sure provides insurance policies to compensate for exporters' losses including non-payment by importers and for financial institutions' losses caused by exporters (borrowers) In addition, K-Sure assists Korean importers in financing and provides protection to compensate for losses including overseas exporters' non-fulfillment of a contract such as the failure to ship goods by an agreed upon date and defaults in pre-payments.
Trade SOS
Run by KITA, Trade SOS provides comprehensive trade consulting services: foreign language support, an on-site consulting service, and specialized trade consulting service. Foreign Language Support refers to translation and interpretation services available for small and medium exporters that lack language specialists in order to help such SMEs conduct international business more smoothly.
On-site Consulting Service means that a consultant assigned to each region visits the actual trading site and provides tailored consultation to traders in order to help resolve numerous issues that may occur in trading.
Trade Specialized Consulting Service provides professional support from experts in the area of Free-Trade Agreements, certification of origin, international patents/certification, tax matters/accounting, international contract/claims, etc.
Korea Customs Service
This website provides detailed information about the Free Trade Agreement AEO, customs duties, tariff assessments by item, tariff evaluations and collection methods, etc.
In addition, information about customs-related laws and regulations and administrative procedures for all exported and imported goods are available.
Run by the Small and Medium Business Corporation (SBC), GOBIZ provides support for overseas marketing of SME-manufactured products by promoting all types of products on behalf of SMEs.
For example, GOBIZ Korea helps create an SME's product page on the web; helps produce e-catalogues that are available in non-Korean languages; opens export/import business conferences; supports overseas marketing activities; and provides online consulting services.
The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board: KCAB
The KCAB assists international parties in preventing and reasonably and impartially resolving all disputes/claims that arise from operating trade businesses.
In addition, the Board supports the legal rights of concerned parties to enforce the agreements in accordance with the agreed upon and/or contracted results of negotiation (dispute arbitration), including the results of conciliation, arbitration and mediation.
In international disputes, a specialized arbitrator intervenes, conciliates, and mediates the disputes, as well as provides information about how to write a dispute-related contract.
Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency: KOTRA
For market surveys by countries, KOTRA provides statistics about overseas markets around the world via its database, categorized by item and region.
In addition, on the KOTRA website, buyers' information and customized market surveys are available, provided a service fee is paid. Even if registered as a free membership holder, the member may review some market surveys.