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FireBuyer was designed and operated by the Korea Fire Institute of Industry & Technology (KFI) to assist Korean fire suppliers to penetrate overseas markets; promote their products; and find qualified buyers. On the website, fire suppliers’ company and product information are available in the database;
buyers can easily search fire products manufactured by Korean suppliers;
buyers may request products that they intend to purchase;
and suppliers can also locate qualified buyers in need of products that they supply.

The instructions to use the website menu is as follows

1. Products

1. This section includes detailed information of fire supplies: photo image, information about a manufacturer and instructions on how to make a purchase.
Search a product that you are looking for Check the product on the screen by clicking “View Details”Click "Inquiry" to send the manufacturer a letter of intent to purchase the product.

2. To track the progress of your letter of intent, you may click "SMS(Suppliers Matching Service)" and the sub-section "SMS Status."

2. Suppliers

1. In this section, you may search information about suppliers. The suppliers list provides Korean suppliers' information in the alphabetical order of their names. If you are looking for a specific supplier and know its name, you can more quickly locate the supplier by entering the name in the search window. If you don’t know the name of a supplier, you may enter the name of a product, and the product list provided will list the supplier’s name.

2. Suppliers are grouped by their product categories.

3. If suppliers want to register their companies and products, please click "Suppliers" and the subsection "Registration" (Suppliers>Registration). Only Korean suppliers are entitled to use this service.
Every required section in the registration form must be filled out with detailed information.
The data that a supplier entered in the electronic form is automatically stored in the web database.
Information should be written in English only, and a supplier may provide a brief introduction about a company and its products with photo images, if desired. If a supplier has an active company website, this website will link to its, as soon as the supplier provides the URL

3. Suppliers matching Service

Suppliers matching Service
1. Suppliers Matching Service matches international buyers' needs and Korean professional fire suppliers' superior products, benefitting both parties.

2. In the "Buyers Inquiry" section, buyers may post a product that they intend to purchase by filling out a basic information form.
Buyers can set their posting to "open" or "close" status.
In case of "open," the post is open to everyone; "close" limits access to the post to the web manager only.
The web manager will refer a qualified supplier(s) to buyers through the matching service.

3. By clicking "SMS Status," buyers can see a current status report of a purchase.
The SMS Status is marked as Accepted/In progress/Completed.

4. Biz Support

Biz Support
1. This section provides useful and informative websites for Korean fire suppliers' overseas marketing.
Information about laws and regulations and available services for the fire industry in foreign countries are available, so, both exporters and importers may find this section useful for their businesses.