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  • Firefighters General helmet(SCA 1205-AN)
    *Usage Specially designed helmets to protect firefighters face and head it ensures efficiency and freedom of movement *Features -Anti Shock Poly carbonate -Helmets front with fire fighters Mark has ultraviolet rays coating with elegant color. -The helmets edge has compressed PVC and helmets protection cover is attached to it -The lens is anti scratch with Ultraviolet rays coating and can be pulled down or pushed back. -Wall hanging ring -The Size of the helmet can be adjusted. -The helmet can be comfortably used with a breathing apparatus -Weight is 1.15 Kg
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  • Helmet-Mounted Communication Kit(SCA 1205-AR)
    *Usage -Enables better communication in working places through Helmet mounted communication kit. -It protects the user from falling objects *Features -The helmet has Shock absorbing material ,Chin band, reflective mark and wall hanging device The helmet has a very good protection capability, comfortable and there is no problem using it with a breathing apparatus. -The shock absorbing helmet is strong in high as well as low temperature. -The helmet does not irritate the skin and sweat, hair oil etc does not make any changes to it. -The helmet comes with different colors black, White, Green, Blue and Yellow etc. -The helmet does not have any other hole except the wall hanging device hole. -The helmet has a head adjust device which enables adjustment of the circumference upto 10㎝ -The communication kit is installed inside the helmet -The PTT (Push to talk) Button can be connected or disconnected by the connection jack. -Communication is possible even when wearing respirator facepiece -The communication kit attached to helmet can withstand shock and is water proof -The Microphone is BONE VIBRATOR type to minimize outside noise. -The PTT Button comes with a CLIP to make it possible to attach it to waist belt (width 43㎜) -The PTT Button can function with not only ones fingers but also any part of body. -The complete helmet weight is 1.3KG ( not including the various wires, PTT Button and connection Jack) -The helmet has passed all KFIS(Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corp
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