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Fire & Gas Detection, Signaling and Other Electrical Equipment
Exit Light(EL-CR250S) Flame detector HID Handheld Searchlight USEN-200 (FM) UV/IR Flame Detector RFD-2000X (Gas Leak Alarm) MR-123N/P (Gas Leak Alarm) MR-224N/P (Gas Leak Detector) MR-103S (Gas Leak Detector) MR-300 (Gas Leak Detector) MR-501 (Gas Leak Detector) MR-501SID 2:2 Relay Address type detector Alarm Bell Alarm Bell ALARM BELL all-HR1000 all-PR1000 Analog fire alarm systems ANALOGUE TYPE HEAT DETECTOR BDS-4000 Business Gas Leakage Detector-Detector Unit[VTD2013(LNG),VTD2014(LPG)] Business Gas Leakage Detector-Reception Device[VTD2013(LNG),VTD2014(LPG)] Cabinet Type Automatic Fire Extinguisher Corridor type Exit Lights DC Type Gas Leakage Detector(VTD2003) DETECTOR & SENSOR PARTS Digital Temperature Detector EL-FR3300S-P(Hallway exit Light Pathway) EL-WS250S(Exit Light) Emergency Exit Sign Light Exit Light(EL-WS130S) F.A.C.P for L.H.D Falmeproof Horn Signals FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL Firedetector Tester Fixed temperature heat detector Fixed temperature Linear Detector Fixed-temperature analog Detector Flame Detector Test Lamp Flame Detector(IR3) Flame Detector(UV/IR) FM Approvals Flame Detector FM Approvals Flame Detector FMS-R2000 fire alarm system FMS-R2000 S1/S2 Analog Heat/Smoke Detector FX-20EX UV/IR Flame Detector FX-20P UV/IR Flame Detector FX-500EX Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector G1-BSO G1-CMS/CMD G1-ESS-D G1-PSS G1-WLS G1-WMS G1-WMS-W G2-EL-120L G2-EL-320L/360L G3-SLB/G3-SLD Gas digestion system(clean agent system) Gas Leak Alarm(ND-114) Gas Leak Alarm(ND-505) Gas Leakage Alarm(AB-365) Gas Leakage Alarm(AB-370) Gas Leakage Alarm(AB-454) Gas Leakage Alarm(AB-455) Gas Leakage Alarm(BB-365) Gas Leakage Detector General fire detector GR-Type Fire Control Panel [Standing Type] GR-Type Fire Control Panel [Wall Type] Heat Detector Heat Detector Heat Detector(Waterproof,Reusable type) Indicator lamp Industrial Gas Leakage Detector-Reception Device[VTD2023(LNG),VTD2024(LPG)] IR3 Digital Flame Detector IR3 Digital Flame Detector IR3/UV Flame Detector LED Strobe Light Linear Heat Detector Lobby Guide High-Performance Lamp Manual Call Point Multi Sunlight(DW-1203) - Portable emergency light OPTICAL REPEATER Optical Smoke Detector PHOTO ELECTRIC ANALOGUE TYPE SMOKE DETECTOR PHOTO- ELECTRIC SMOKE DETECTOR Photoelectric Smoke Detector Photoelectric smoke detector Portable HID Searchlight Pressure control switch P-type Fire Receiver P-type Fire Receiver/Prompt reporting function(10circuits) Rate of rise heat detector RATE OF RISE HEAT DETECTOR Rescue Helmet LED Flashlight SAFETYLINE SAFETYLINE (Fire Alarm Control Panel) Sheltering Guide Lamp Single alarm-type detector Smart video surveillance & Fire detection systems Smart wireless detector Solar Home System(DW-1230) - Portable Emergency Light & Power Generator Standard Gas Leakage Detector(VTD2001) Synchronized Control Unit Transmitter 2:2 Transmitter 4:4 ULD-60 ULED-10 ULED-100 ULED-12SM ULED-12ST ULED-20 ULED-200 ULED-6SM ULED-6ST Visual Alarming Device Voice Alarm Controller Waterproof style Gas Leakage Detector(VTD2005) Windows control module (2:2) Windows Fire Alarm System WIRELESS Fire Detector Wireless Multi Complex Detector RMD-5T Zero-phase Sequence Current Transformer(ZR,ZS,ZB,SZR-Series) Zero-phase Sequence Current Transformer(ZR,ZS,ZB,SZR-Series) Zero-phase Sequence Current Transformer[ZTC] HZR-Series ZION SL-V1 ZPEL-911
Hydraulic Equipment & Others
AIR FOAM NOZZLE / SL-15FNA ALARM VALVE Alarm valve ALARM VALVES Angle-valve CHECK VALVE Commercial type Coupling, Fittings for Firefighting CPVC - BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems C-PVC Sprinkler Pipes & Fittings Deluge valves Descending Device Descending Life Line DH2040 PIPE SYSTEM DROP NIPPLE, FITTINGS DRY PENDENT SPRINKLERS Dry riser inlet valves Easy Sprinkler System Fire Flexible Hose with Fittngs Fire hose Fire Hose(Double Jacket 40/65mm) Fire Hose(Luminous) Fire Hose(Single Jacket 40/65mm) FIRE HYDRANT GATE VALVE / SL-40F FIRE SPRINKLER PIPE SYSTEM Fire Valve(Y-coupling) Firefighters General helmet(SCA 1205-AN) Fixed Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Facilities Flexible Sprinkler Drop for Clean Room Flexible Sprinkler Drop for Commercial Flexible Sprinkler Drop for Industrial Duct Flexible Sprinkler Hose FLEXIBLE SPRINKLER HOSE WITH FITTINGS Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Accessories Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Clean Room Type(SFT) Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Clean Room Type(SGP) Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Hume Duct Type Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Nut Type(Braid/Unbraid) Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Residence Type Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - SGP Unit Type(Sandwitch Panel) Flexible Sprinkler Hose With Fittings - Welding Type(Braid/Unbraid) Flexible Sprinkler Joint FLUSH TYPE SPRINKLERS GLASS BULB PENDENT SPRINKLERS GLASS BULB UPRIGHT SPRINKLERS Helmet-Mounted Communication Kit(SCA 1205-AR) Hose Rewinder Hose Storage Equipment Hydrant(JGH-W150) Hydrants Indoor Hydrant(40mm) Medium Foam nozzle(Foam Master) MF Transporter Mobile Pump System Movable Water Mist Extinguisher(MOB-1-SPEED ) One-fog™ Gun One-fog™ Hydrant One-fog™ Water Mist Fixed System One-fog™ Water Mist Nozzle OUTDOOR HYDRANT Outdoor Hydrant(L Type 100mm) Outlet FIittings Outlet FIittings Pistol Type Variable Nozzle Portable Fire Monitor Pre-action valve Quick Response Flush Type Reel Hose Residential type 1 Residential type 2 self-contained breathing apparatus(SCA680W) self-contained breathing apparatus(SCA790) SIDEWALL TYPE SPRINKLERS Spray & Straight Nozzle(40mm) Sprinkler Head Sprinkler Head(YB28-DB) Sprinkler Head(YB28-DF) Sprinkler Joint Standpipe(100mm) Standpipe(80mm) Stationary Water Mist Extinguisher(MOB-1-M) Stationary Water Mist Extinguisher(MOB-1-M1) Straight Nozzle(40mm) Thinking Nozzle UL/FM Sprinkler UL/FM Sprinkler Hose with fittings UL/FM Valves Under Ground Hydrant Underground Hydrant(100mm) Water mist system Wet Hydrant Wet type alarm valve WET TYPE VACUUM SPRINKLER SYSTEM Y-BALL VALVE / SL-34A